Friday, October 21, 2011

Cheapest time to visit Destin

Specializing in value travel, one of the more common inquiries we get is when in the cheapest time to visit Destin? Hotel rates in general tend to fluctuate often but one thing remains consistent, winter is the cheapest time to visit Destin. Is this just true for Destin hotels? If you research major Destin vacation rental companies, it’s apparent that across the board, we are in our value season. With hotel rates starting at just $40 a night, virtually anyone can afford to visit the Emerald Coast. Unlike other popular vacation destinations, you’ll find all Destin Restaurants and most attractions open year round. The weather can be a little chilly, but if you are coming from up north you’ll still enjoy walk along the beach and enjoying breath taking sunsets. So now is the time to plan your trip to Destin, it really is cheap! Be sure to keep up with our Destin Blog for more money saving tips.

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